April 2018


Regular monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Bill (VE7WNO), Stuart (VA7QB), Kosta (VA7FFT), Ralph (VE7OM), Don (VA7GL), Pam (VE7PFH), Eric (VA7NX), and Jay (VE7KC).      
There is a quorum as per club by-laws, with a majority of directors present, as well as ¼ of the membership, and at least one regular member.   
President Eric opened the members meeting at 3:02 pm local time.
Minutes: M/S/C Bill(VE7WNO)/Ralph(VE7OM) that the minutes of the 11 March 2018 be approved as per the copy on the webpage, www.wrarc.ca.  Flawless minutes, thank you to Bill (WNO) for filling in.
Financial report – Ralph reported that the balance is $1849.57.  MSC Ralph (VE7OM)/Jay(VE7KC) – that the financial report be received for information.
Mini-Field Day May 5 – we won’t be able to go to the Fish and Game club.  Eric suggests we consider Blackie Spit, it’s a beach area with free parking.  A nice weekend afternoon will be busy, but we’ll be there early.
There’s a W7 contest on that day, so we’ll have to use proper equipment.  Ralph will bring his buddy-pole as an antenna.  The banner has been found at the Centennial Arena so it’s now in Eric’s possession.
We’ll gather 9 am on the 5th at Blackie’s Spit weather permitting.  Eric will contact if it is inclement.  Eric to bring a go kit.  Bring radios and antennas and batteries for us to test.
Eric will bring his party tent for cover, as well as a table.
QSL Cards Received – Our club is in receipt of QSL cards from DL5AWI (Germany) and VE1WT (Nova Scotia), one from 2016 and the other from 2015.
Ralph will send a QSL to VE1WT because it was part of a SOTA on 3-Oct-2015 at 1900UTC.
Stuart will respond to the DL5AWI station to let him know we have no record of a contact with him on 6-2-2016 at 17:57 UTC.
Stuart will get some stamps for the club’s use and send a receipt to Ralph.
Decals – Eric passed out some remaining decals for parking at the Centennial Arena for 2018.
Field Day, Mini Field Day June 23 – Ralph will contact the City of White Rock for parking in one of the parking lots at the beach.  Jim (UVL) will bring his camper as a mobile shack
Ralph will ask for 14 spots.  We’ll try to go from 9 am to 3 pm, and the Field Day starts officially at 11 am.  We’ll use Don’s SteppIR antenna more details to follow.
PEP Checkins on Third Wednesday of the month – April 18 (Ralph VE7OM), May 16 (Jay VE7KC), June 20 (Jim L VE7BCJ), July 18th will be Pam and Don, Bill (WNO) will do Aug 15.  Don met the guy who does the Pre-OC check-in, he said he is impressed with White Rock on the regularity on which we check in.  Don accepted the thanks and we should be passing this on to the City of White Rock.
Juno Beach 75th Anniversary – apply for VE75JUNO, and operate it across Canada as a special event callsign.  Ralph needs to find out how much of a job it is, using the Vimy callsign undertaking as a guide.
This is for the 75th Anniversary of the DDay landings in France.  There will be many activities in Canada for then, but we should start now to see the lay of the land.  Ralph will look into the costs, but may not want to organize an operation from Europe.  Logging the contacts is an issue.
MSC Don(VA7GL)/Stuart(VA7QB) that Ralph be authorized to investigate this and put together a plan as well as find out if other clubs might be doing something.
As a reminder, this November is the 100th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.
Stuart (VA7QB) moved we adjourn the regular members’ meeting, adjournment at 3:37 pm (local).