April 2019


Regular Monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Bill (VE7WNO), Ralph (VE7OM), Eric (VA7NX), Deme (VE7CRT), Dave (VE7TDG), Jay (VE7KC), guest Hugh Jones.
There is a quorum as per the club bylaws, with a majority of the directors present, as well as at least one regular member.
Bill (VE7WNO) opened the meeting at 3:07pm local time.
Minutes:  M/S/C Eric (VA7NX)/ Deme (VE7CRT) that the minutes of the March 10, 2019 meeting be accepted as per the copy on the website www.wrarc.ca
Finance:  M/S/C Ralph (VE7OM)/ Dave (VE7TDG) that the report be accepted as read.
Old Business
PEP Checkins:  April 17 – Jay (VE7KC), May 15 – Eric (VA7NX), June 19 – Kosta (VA7FFT), July 17 – Jay (VE7KC).
Room/Antenna Access:  Still pending.
Mini Field Day:  Cypress Ski Area – May 25, time to be confirmed at May meeting.
Tour De White Rock:  Still awaiting location to be used for the race repeater.
New Business
New Member:  Request that Jim (VE7UVL) email the directors regarding Hugh Jones wish to join the club.
Field Day 2019:  Field day will be June 22 and 23 this year.  Where do we want to set up, does anyone know the condition of the boat ramp?  Parking passes?  Would it be better to set up at Blackie’s spit?
Adjournment:  Dave (VE7TDG) made a motion to adjourn at 3:28pm local time.