December 2018


Regular Monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Jim W (VE7UVL), Jim L (VE7BCJ), Ralph (VE7OM), Eric (VA7NX), Dave P (VE7TDG), Jay (VE7KC), Bill (VE7WNO).

There is a quorum as per club bylaws, with a majority of the directors present, as well as at least one regular member.

Jim opened the meeting at 3:05pm local time.

Minutes:  M/S/C Eric (VA7NX)/Jay (VE7KC) that the minutes of the 18 November 2018 meeting be accepted as per the copy on the website,

Financial Report:  M/S/C Dave P (VE7TDG)/Bill (VE7WNO) that the report be accepted as read.

RAC Insurance application:  Use Bill's contact information on the application, to be submitted before December 15th.

WRARC Christmas Dinner:  19 people attended, most enjoyed the meals and service, overall feedback was positive.

RAC Winter Contest:  Location will be Centennial Arena Board Room, December 29th, setup will be at 10:00am local time, and operation will run until 4:00pm local time.

Equipment:  Jim has an older oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer.  M/S/C Jim W (VE7UVL)/Ralph (VE7OM) that we dispose of the equipment either by selling or donating.

BC QSO Party: February 2, 2019, location will be the Centennial Arena Board Room, setup would be at 10:00am and operation until 4:00pm.  A majority agreed we should participate.

BCARCC:  Jay (VE7KC) announced that his directorship in the BCARCC (BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council) is coming to an end.  This council deals with frequency allocations and repeaters.  For a small fee, one can sponsor a director.

Jim adjourned the meeting at 3:35pm local time  M/S/C Jay (VE7KC)/Dave P (VE7TDG)