February 2017

February 2017
Members Meeting
White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C.

Present:  Eric VA7NX, Ralph VE7OM, Jim VE7UVL, Jay VE7KC, Bill VE7WNO, Jim VE7BCJ, Dave VA7THO, and Deme VE7CRT.  There is a quorum as per club by-laws.
Eric opened the meeting at 3:10pm
Minutes:  M/S/C Jay/Jim L that the January minutes be accepted as posted on the website.
Financial Report:  $1,841.23 book balance.  Amount for insurance has been processed.  M/S/C Ralph/Deme that financial report be received as reported.
BC QSO Party:  Bands were quiet in the morning even on CW, maybe next year we should consider operating in the afternoon.
Field Day 2017:  On June 24th, do we want to set up on the boat ramp again?  If so we will need to book parking spots and the boat ramp soon.  Do we want to have a third station in Jim's camper?
Mini Field Day:  Do we want to do this again, what location should we use?
Club QSL cards:  Jim is still looking for a suitable image to use.
Insurance:  Still awaiting insurance certificate.
GOTA 2017:

  • Lecture - Ralph - display of radios, QSL cards and Buddi-pole
  • Morse and Phonetics - Bill and Jay - two handouts, projector and laptop to display Jay Leno Morse Code versus Texting video.
  • Handhelds - Eric - 9 HTs so far, Simplex FM on 70cm.
  • HF Station - Kosta and Deme? - K3S maybe VHF base as well.

March meeting:  Jay to check into having Stan VA7NF put on a presentation on SDR radio.
Federal minister of Emergency Preparedness proposing $3000.00 tax benefit to Search & Rescue and Volunteer Fire Departments.
Eric adjourned the meeting at 3:55pm M/S/C Jay / Jim.