January 2019


Regular Monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Jim W (VE7UVL), Jim L (VE7BCJ), Ralph (VE7OM), Eric (VA7NX), Jay (VE7KC), Bill (VE7WNO).

There is a quorum as per club bylaws, with a majority of the directors present, as well as at least one regular member.

Jim opened the meeting at 3:05pm local time.

Minutes:  M/S/C Jim L (VE7BCJ)/ Jay (VE7KC) that the minutes of the December 9, 2018 meeting be accepted as per the copy on the website, www.wrarc.ca

Financial Report:  M/S/C Ralph (VE7OM)/ Eric (VA7NX) that the report be accepted as read.

RAC Insurance:  RAC Insurance Certificate for the calendar year 2019 has been received.

RAC Winter Contest:  Ralph submitted the log, 160 contacts in total, 500 watts does help.  Thanks to Kosta for bringing his radio equipment, and to Ralph for bringing the N1MM logging software and submitting the log.

PEP Checkins:  Jan. 16 - Bill (VE7WNO), Feb. 20 - Bill (VE7WNO), Mar. 20 - Ralph (VE7OM).

Using the Boardroom for radio:  We have to contact Teresa during business hours to book the room, she requires two (2) days advance notice.  Jim W (VE7UVL) to discuss this further with Phil and report at a future meeting.

BC QSO Party 2018:  We placed in the top 30 finishers with 618 points.

Deme:  He has returned home and is recuperating.

Charlie:  He has been moved to the 3rd floor of the Alan Hogg pavilion.

New Business

Parking Decals:  Jim (VE7UVL) will talk to Phil about parking decals for 2019.

Winter Field Day:  Winter Field Day 2019 is Saturday January 26th, do we want to participate?

GOTA 2019:  We have not been approached yet to take part in GOTA this year.


BC QSO Party 2019:  Saturday February 2nd at the Centennial Arena Boardroom, setup at 9am and operating from 10am to 4pm.

Adjourn:  M/S/C Dave P (VE7TDG)/ Ralph (VE7OM) to adjourn the meeting at 3:55pm local time.