January 2020

January 2020


Regular Monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present: Hardy (VE7DO),Jay (VE7KC), Ralph (VE7OM), Eric (VA7NX), Jim (VE7ABH), Bill (VE7WNO), Hugh (VE7YJ), Kosta (VA7FFT), Jim (VE7GD)

There is a quorum as per club bylaws, with a majority of the directors present, as well as at least one regular member.

Kosta opened the meeting at 3:03pm local time.

Minutes:  M/S/C/ Eric (VA7NX)/ Bill (VE7WNO) that the minutes of the December 8, 2019 meeting be accepted as per the copy on the website, www.wrarc.ca

Finance:  M/S/C Ralph (VE7OM)/ Jay (VE7KC) that the report be accepted as read.

Old Business:

Arena Antenna:  The Fire Chief will get his crew to reinstall zap straps to secure the antenna to the messenger line.

Parking Decals:  15 of the 2020 parking decals will be coming soon.

2 Meter Repeater:  Current Royal building at George and 16th, Parks department has something up there for their use, the Fire Chief will talk with them and try to secure a place for us.  He didn’t forget about our request to relocate the repeater.

 Tour de White Rock Repeater:  The Fire Chief will talk with John and work with him in regards to arranging a permanent location for the race repeater at the end of the pier.

Arena Lounge Room:  The Fire Chief will talk with Theresa and come up with a solution.  Jim told him it’s for monthly training and testing of our grab and go kits, so everyone is up to snuff on their equipment.  Possibly anytime use, but he is working on it at least.

New Business:

BC QSO Party:  The contest will be on February 1st, 2020, setup at 9am and operating till 2pm in the lounge at the arena.

Show and Tell:  At the February 9th monthly meeting there will be a presentation on the use of the FT8 digital program.

Attracting new hams:  Do we want to display some kind of sign at coffee meetings that reads “Are you interested in becoming a ham”.  What about setting up a portable station in the mall, or perhaps doing a demonstration of satellite communications?  Could we borrow a portable antenna tower from the Surrey club?

Lounge antenna:  Do we want to consider obtaining some kind of rolling  cabinet for storing equipment in the nook by the fireplace in the arena lounge?

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:50pm local time.