June 2011

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society

At the Centennial Arena Board Room

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC


Members Meeting 12 June 2011


Present:   Ralph VE7OM, Karl VE7KHC, Jay VE7OFH, Charlie VE7CMH, Eric VA7NX, Stuart VA7QB, Deme VE7CRT, Don VA7GL, Walter Kohler VE7SM, and Ross VA7OW.


Guest: Dave Peters


Eric opened the members’ meeting at 3:32 pm local, in the presence of a quorum.


Minutes of the 8 May 2011 meeting

MSC – KARL/DON that the minutes of the May 2011 members meeting be approved as printed on the WWW.WRARC.CA webpage.


Finance Report

Ross reported is that the balance in the TD account is $1,856.78 as of 31 May 2011.

MSC – Ross/Walter – accepting the financial report as spoken.


Report on the By-laws

All is now registered with the Registrar of Companies in BC so that our amendments recently passed are now in effect.  See the webpage for the complete text if that kind of thing interests you.  We can now concern ourselves with actual amateur radio stuff.


Honourary Members

MSC –Ralph/Jay that Jack Cain and Neil Fisher be deemed as “Honourary Members” of the White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society.  This means that Jack and Neil are not normally expected to be at events but are otherwise full participating members.  Honourary members are not included in the calculation of directors’ insurance.



There is nothing to report on the repeater.  Don reported that the squelch can hang open for up to ½ hour.  This may be tropoducting from the Seattle repeater on the same frequency pair.  The signal strength meter is low.


Report on the practise Field Day – May 14

At Kwomais Point, we made one contact.  Set up went well and we got power to the radios and people had fun.  Rain began when we were taking things down.  Kwomais Point is a very good setting for this exercise.  There were trees for antennas – trees for anchoring antennas.  See the website for more details and pictures.


Field Day

June 25th (Saturday) – the venue is Butterfly Park first, at the Centennial Arena.  No free parking here, but one’s White Rock parking sticker works.

     Phil Lemire, the Fire Chief, has approved the Butterfly Park.  Being in White Rock is a priority this year.

Ralph will bring his portable antennas and power supplies. Eric will bring a Table, Ralph will bring a door as a table with a few saw horses.  Walter has a table as well.  Stuart will bring 220 MHz capability for the yearly contact with the fellow up Mt. Brenton.

     Eric will bring 2M setup and Jay will bring 6M capability.

     Field Day begins at 11 am, we will begin at 10 am with a set-up.

     If it is inclement can be use the Board room?  Eric will check on the use of the Board room, but we will probably use the day-tent (below).

     Bring your own chairs, Eric will bring a day-tent.

     Food – we will organize that on the day.

     A brochure handout – Eric will bring the 48 copies of the handout we used at Crescent Beach a few years ago.


Tour de White Rock – Fri 15th, Sat 16th, Sun 17th of July

WRARC has been invited to assist, Ralph has a meeting with the organizers on the 28th of June.  The question is the supply of operators for the Friday event, and the setup of the antennas and 2 UHF repeaters on Sunday, as well as take them down.  Eric will bring a UHF antenna and some poles.  Jim Wilkins can be helpful in installation.

    We may need 3 operators, as requested and Ralph will organize.

    Ken Norman wanted to know if we really need to be there on Friday, and Ralph will ask the organizers.  They use cellphones for communication.  The amateur radio people have been essential in communicating accurate results, but under new leadership they may have sorted out the most efficient way to get results.

    The Tour de White Rock may be using our logo on the back of the official t-shirts for the race.

    This is our way of supporting the City of White Rock as requested in major city events.





Adjourned at 4:02  pm local.