June 2016

Members Meeting
White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present: Bill VE7WNO, Bill VA7ZBL, Stuart VA7QB, Brett VE7GM, Dave VA7THO, Ralph VE7OM, Jay VE7KC, Pam VE7PFH, Don, VA7GL, John VE7PEE, Eric VA7NX, Deme VE7CRT, Kosta VA7FFT, and Jim VE7BCJ.   There is quorum as per club by-laws.

Eric opened the meeting at 3:00 pm
Minutes: M/S/C Stuart/Ralph that the minutes of the 8 May 2016 minutes be approved as webpage:
Financial report – $1,736.14 is the balance in the TD account.  MSC Ralph/Brett that the financial report be received as recorded.  As per the last meeting $100 was sent to Orca DX Club (the Vimy Commemorative Station Society) for the Vimy Ridge special event callsign.

PEP Handling – Check-in on the third Wednesday evening of the month at 7:30 pm.   The month of June sees Kosta doing the check-in on our behalf, July is Jay (KC), August is Stuart (QB), September is Bill (ZBL), Jim (BCJ) is October provisionally.  Bill currently has the cabinet key.

Field Day June 25 – we’ll set up around 10 am either at the West side on the beach (boatramp).  Two Metres is a challenge at the beach.   FD is 11 am to 11 am our time.  Ralph has not had a callback about parking at the beach.  Ralph will follow-up.  Ralph can be in the morning, but has a commitment at home at 1300 hours.  Bill (WNO) will bring his antenna and we may need replacement power if Ralph needs to leave.  Bill has a hand-out if people ask what we’re doing there, he’ll make a couple of dozen.  Bill also might issue a press release to the Peace Arch News.  Kosta will bring a Hi-Q antenna.  Kosta has a distribution box.   Jim (BCJ) also has the same Hi-Q but the tunamatic controller might be a problem in that it defaults to CW.  Ralph and Deme will be there for CW.  Jim also has a powerpack.  Fall-back position is the Boardroom at Centennial.  Eric has a party-tent, and others have tables.

Name Tags – Bill (WNO) came back with a price of 8.75 each, and Bill has one more place to check-out.  The cheapest so far is $5.90 each with colour imprint, pin and our logo.

SOTA Activities – Jim (BCJ) wants to participate in the next one that NX and OM goes on.  The next one might be as early as July 2nd.  The mountain in question may be Agassiz.  Eric will let those interested know.  Woodside might be a fallback, or Dewdney.  Eric’s goal is to do Hope Mountain, and Ralph would like to do Cheam.  Eric’s KX2 might be available by the next SOTA.

Upgrades to the WRARC Repeater – Jim (BCJ) has heard some facebook chatter about our repeater – but we do not run WireX module.

Canada Day July 1 (Friday) – Centennial Arena is not available for that date – Centennial is closed.   Maybe at someone’s home?  This is three days after Field Day.   Can the coax be pulled out of the chimney?  There are technical challenges to that.   Could go to Kwomais Point Park, or to the Kehler house, or RedWood park.  Eric might also set-up a SOTA and let us know by email.  

Eric adjourned the meeting at 3:27 pm (local) on the motion of Don  (Last meeting until September).