June 2018


Regular monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Jim (VE7UVL), Ralph (VE7OM), Jim (VE7BCJ), Deme (VE7CRT), Jay (VE7KC), Bill (VE7WNO), Pam (VE7PFH), Don (VA7GL), Eric (VA7NX), and Stuart (VA7QB).     


There is a quorum as per club by-laws, with a majority of directors present, as well as ¼ of the membership, and at least one regular member.  


President Eric opened the members meeting at 3:03 pm local time.


Minutes: M/S/C Stuart (VA7QB) / Ralph (VE7OM) that the minutes of the 13 May 2018 meeting be approved as per the copy on the webpage, www.wrarc.ca

Financial report – Ralph reported that the balance is the same as last month $1850.03.  MSC Ralph (VE7OM) / Jay(VE7KC) – that the financial report be received for information.


Passing of KB6DHC – Verna Hansen (93 y.o.) of White Rock passed away 29 May, two weeks ago, and there has been a minute’s silence for her as a silent key on BCPSN.  Condolences to Jay (VE7KC) and Linda Melvin.


BC ARCC Coordinating Council – Jay was unable to attend their meeting but he is still the Fraser Valley Director for it.


Field Day, June 23 – Ralph has contacted the City of White Rock for parking in one of the parking lots at the beach, but we’ve had no confirmation as of yet. The WR Fire Chief needs to deal with his bureaucracy.  Eric will bring a tent and table.  Kosta will bring his KX3 plus 100 W amp radio.  Bill’s or Eric’s IC-7000 will be available too.  Need to coordinate frequency use with Jim (UVL) who will operate out of his camper.  Pam will bring a table for the crank-IR antenna.  Ralph to bring a battery.   Bring your own food.  Bring your own chair.  Eric will bring a VHF radio and mast.  Ralph has band filters.

                Bill has handouts, and Eric has the banner.  Deme has a laptop which he can bring, so can Ralph so that N1MM software for contesters can run.

                Set-up at 9 am.  Our fall-back is Crescent Beach if we hear nothing from the Fire Chief.  Eric will let the club know if we need to change venue.


QSL Cards Received – Ralph will send a QSL to VE1WT because it was part of a SOTA on 3-Oct-2015 at 1900UTC.


PEP Checkins on Third Wednesday of the month – Jay (VE7KC) did May 16 (Jay VE7KC), June 20 (Jim L VE7BCJ), July 18th will be Pam and Don, Bill (WNO) will do Aug 15, Sept 19 is Ralph (VE7OM), Oct 17 is Stuart (VA7QB), and November 21 is Jay (VE7KC).


SOTA on Saturday, May 19 – Ralph and Eric went to McKee Peak near Abbotsford.  Fourteen QSOs in total.  Eric called on the 2M calling frequency, Ralph was on 20M 14.060 plus or minus.


Christmas Dinner – Jim (UVL) asked us to think about a venue for our Christmas Dinner.


Weekly 80 Meter Club net – the 3.737 frequency is spotty at this point in the sunspot cycle.  The 80 M band is very bad.  Ocean Park is a stretch when the NCS is in east White Rock.

                The consensus was to continue with the White Rock net on 80 M through the summer.


Girl Guides/Doors Open – Pam and Don are connected with Doors Open which does a tour of Surrey showing city services.  Pam and Don did the Guides portion of this with the Surrey Club station.  Don described the station that he saw with the Guides that the Surrey club operates with through lottery grants.  Is the White Rock club missing out?

                What is key is someone in the club who knows the system of writing up an application.  They are at the Old City Hall on Panorama Ridge, they have the basement.

                We might consider this as a local way of getting on the air as a club, for the lower frequencies which need longer horizontal antennas.  We can make better use of the Board Room of Centennial Arena, and Eric will ask about the limits of us using this room which has the antenna connection.  We might wish to look at arranging a regular night (for instance) and have regular sessions here.



Stuart (VA7QB) moved we adjourn the regular members’ meeting, adjournment at 3:40 pm (local).