May 2015


White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC



Present: Bill VE7WNO, Stuart VA7QB, Ralph VE7OM, Jay VE7KC, Charlie VE7CMH, Dave VA7THO, Eric VA7NX, Jim VE7UVL, Brett VE7GM, Don VA7GL, Pam VE7PFH, and Deme VE7CRT.

There is quorum as per club by-laws.

Eric opened the meeting at 3:05 pm


Minutes: M/S/C  Brett/Ralph that the minutes of the 12 April 2015 minutes be approved as webpage:


Financial report – no report.


Mini-Field Day – May 2

Participants had fun; Ralph had 9 CW contacts on the Buddipole. We set up four antennas for the day.  Jim’s HF G5RV, Don’s Buddipole, Don’s CrankIR, Bill's 2m Yaggi and we tried differing things with differing results.  Jim reported that his was attached to the trees, needed to be 2 feet higher for ladder line, and there was lots of activity.  Bill had his FM 2M antenna and contacted the Olympic peninsula.  His antenna needs tweaking because it is set for the UK 2M bands.  Brett brought his KX3 at 5 watts on 20 meters, S7 signals coming in could not be contacted.  Don was saying that tuning the counterpoise on his CrankIR was more important than the vertical element.  More experimentation is needed. Low power works best on CW.  The CrankIR goes to 40M and Don has added the 80M kit.  The location was great, low noise but cold temperature.  Avoid during fall, when it might be damp.  Jim is a great tree hanger of antennas.  It was a lot of fun!!


SOTA (Summits on the Air) – May 9

SOTA is always on a hilltop.  SOTA rules now have no requirement as to how you get to the top, but you have to be a designated distance from your vehicle.  It took two hours to climb up to Hale Peak near Harrison Lake.  Sun was shining, there was a little shack on the summit, hid in the shade. Ralph had a vertical, Brett had a horizontal, each of Ralph and Brett worked four stations.  One local contact VA7DJ.  Lots of fun, but a grind to climb.  Propagation was very bad, 20M and 40M were very bad.  Once again, CW was better.  Eric worked Jim on the Cheam repeater, as well as Carolyn.


Monthly check-ins for PEP – PREOC.

Jay will do May and July, Ralph will do June.  Brett will do Oct.  Bill to do Aug.  September is open


Field Day – June 27

Eric and Brett will be on top of Blackwell Peak in Manning Park.  The rest of the club can organize at the parks around the Centennial Arena.  It starts at 11 am our time, and we will set up at about 9 am.


IOTA – Islands On The Air.

Is anyone interested in an Islands on the Air?  We’re looking for someone to spearhead a July IOTA event.  There are RSGB sets the rules, check their webpage.


SOTA Event coming up

Club members can think of a place to go – perhaps Woodside.  A discussion about the various peaks happened.  Cheam can happen, but there are crowds as many as 200 people on that peak.  Eric will give it some thought and report next meeting.  The time-frame could be July as long as we don’t IOTA that month.



Jim (UVL) had the hats and passed them out.  They were $15, a new price.


Eric adjourned the meeting at 3:36 pm (local) on the motion of Stuart.