October 2009

White Rock Amateur Radio Club

General Meeting – 11 Oct 2009

Centennial Arena Boardroom

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C.


Present - Eric Kehler VE7EGK, Stuart Lyster VA7CRH, Deme Panaioti VE7CRT, Jay Melvin VE7OFH, Ken Norman VE7KBN, Ross Wilmot VA7OW Lloyd Hobbs VE7DLH.


President Eric opened the meeting at 3:08 pm local time, as there was a quorum.


Minutes - of the general meeting of 13 Sept 2009

MSC Lyster/Panaioti that the minutes be approved as printed on the webpage.


TREASURER & MEMBERSHIP REPORT - Membership dues for calendar year 2010 are now due.

Members who are RAC members - Stuart prepared a list of 2009 members who are also members of RAC and will bring it to the AGM.


RAC Insurance – their webpage reports that the former coverage for all licensed hams who are RAC members is in flux.  New information will be in the RAC webpage soon.  Further info is from the RAC vice-president, Ian McFarquhar VE9IM.


ARLHS Lighthouse Contest – not held in the fall, there is an ARLHS conference instead.  There may be a contest over the Christmas holidays and we have some time to consider our participation.  A consideration is the weather over that time period.  Eric will look into the particulars of dates.

MSC Melvin/Panaioti – that the club participate in the ARLS contest perhaps at Brockton Point for ease of accessibility.


Emergency Exercise in November – Ralph will give us directions at our next meeting in November.  The third Sunday is the 15th of November, and that’s the date that Ralph is looking at for an exercise.


SEPAR TRAINING SESSION - might also be involved to help us look at and work with their grab and go kits.  Eric will ask Fred or Jay (who is also a SEPAR executive member) for an orientation to grab and go for January or so.


HF E-Mail – Deme reported - Winmor e-mail client and protocol for HF is being beta testing.  Presently we use Airmail, but Winmor uses soundcards which are less expensive than the Airmail modems.  Deme is the point person for this and it works well.  See the Winmor site on Yahoogroups for setting up QSOs.  20kb’s take an hour, but there are better bandwidths available.


SET Exercise – Jay reported: Canadian and American hams were in the Simulated Emergency Test yesterday, with a simulated earthquake.  Two stations were in Surrey one at EOS centre and another at a hams house with multiple operating positions.  Delta and Langley were our connections – VHF UHF and HF was available.  Traffic was canned and somewhat unrealistic, and still they needed to improvise.  It pointed out the need to be prepared.  But objectives were achieved, messages were sent and acknowledged.



Adjournment – MC Norman Eric adjourned the meeting at 3:35 pm.