October 2014

White Rock Amateur Radio Club

Directors Meeting – 12 October 2014

Centennial Arena Boardroom

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C.


Directors Present - Stuart Lyster VA7QB, Jay VE7KC, Deme Panaioti VE7CRT, Eric VA7NX, Ralph VE7OM, and Jim VE7UVL.


Single item of business is membership for Walter Kohler, VE7SM.  Walter paid his 2015 dues, which gives him membership from Sept 1, 2014 onwards.  Walter had not paid dues for the 2014 year due to other matters.

MSC – Lyster/Wilkins – that Walter Kohler VE7SM be accepted into membership of the WRARC.


Eric adjourned the Directors’ meeting.



White Rock Amateur Radio Club

General Members Meeting – 12 October 2014

Centennial Arena Boardroom

14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, B.C.


Present - Stuart Lyster VA7QB, Fred Orsetti VE7IO, Bill Northcott VE7WNO, Jay VE7KC, Brett VE7GM, Dave VA7THO, Deme Panaioti VE7CRT, Walter Kohler VE7SM, Eric VA7NX, Ralph VE7OM, Jim VE7UVL, and Ken Norman VE7KBN.


Visitor: Victoria Northcott,


President Eric opened the meeting at 3:01m local time, as there was a quorum. 


Minutes - of the members meeting of 14 Sept 2014

MSC Lyster/Northcott that the minutes be approved as on the webpage.


TREASURER & MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Dues of $20 are due for 2015, new members paying after Sept 1 also have paid for all of 2015.  $2827.82 was our balance as of yesterday.  The Insurance needs seeing to, which the Secretary report on next.

MSC - Ralph/Stuart that financial report be received as reported.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Secretary Stuart reported that as of this meeting (and as of June 2014) there are 20 members as well as 2 honourary/Life members for the 2014 year.  This number will be reflected in our application for directors’ insurance with R.A.C.  Of these 22 members, 17 are also members of R.A.C. which influences the amount we pay.

            Twelve of the 20 regular members have paid our own membership dues for 2015, and so far no new members have paid.

            VE7KC is listed as VE7OFH in what we submit, because Jay’s RAC membership is held under his old call-sign.

The forms are available for renewing our Club status with R.A.C., but the insurance forms are being redesigned by R.A.C. and will soon be available.  Director’s Insurance & Affiliation Fee will for 2015 be handled by invoice from RAC, rather than by a cheque sent with application.  The membership status as of June of the previous year, will determine the rate for each year.  See: http://wp.rac.ca/insurance/

Our yearly fee to The Province of BC for our official Society will take into account if we add/remove/change Directors at our November AGM.  We need a minimum of 5 Directors and there is no maximum.


AGM Planning:  This is official notice that our Annual General Meeting will be on Sunday, November 9th, at 3 pm here in the Boardroom of Centennial Arena.


Jamboree On The Air – JOTA Decision: - Dave Paulin is not here, and no one can pick it up.  So this may need revisiting at another meeting, and JOTA will not happen this year with our club.


Christmas Dinner: - Kiki’s will be our venue, Jim (UVL) will call to see what is available.  We will talk about it at coffee time.  There may need to be another place.


Review of Coffee location – the location is acceptable, but numbers attending is down, which may be for another reason than location.  One time we might go into the Save-On food court inside the supermarket.


Approval of RAC Affiliation/Director’s Insurance/Society Act expenditure, around $250 for both.

MSC Jim/Walter that the invoice be paid for Affiliation and Directors’ insurance when it arrives.



RAC Winter Contest & Fall Events – The trip yesterday was cancelled for weather (a SOTA trip).  Dec 27/2014, Fred will operate with the VE7RAC call sign.  Only a few from this club is interested, to put in the 24 hour time, in 6 hour shifts.


SEPAR – The Shakeout is on the 16th of October.  Ron Casey has organized the RCMP to activate their emergency kits. For the SEPAR check in on Tuesday night.  146.55 and the Surrey Repeater, 10 am until noon on the Shakeout period.  Eric will send an e-mail he gets from Fred.  If you hear VE7HME or VE7MOV those are Shakeout stations.


SEPAR MEDALS – Jay (VE7KC) has a five year service pin, as well as Deme (VE7CRT) has a five year service pin.   Congratulations to them.


Antenna & Centennial Arena and Repeater – Phil Lemire, the White Rock fire chief, said that by November 2015, the City of White Rock will put an antenna up for our own HF operation at Centennial Arena.  If we don’t hear from him by middle of November, he’s asked us to call him.  The City will be responsible for liability.  The City owns it.  Jim Wilkins will continue to monitor this.

            Still no news about relocating the Repeater.


DIGITAL PROGRAM TRAINING (SEPAR) – Don, Deme, Jay and Fred are part of this, Don (VA7GL) is taking leadership in this. They are up to exercise #20, with 25 participants.  IMS-Express and Telnet is used.  Winmore is also used.  Don has introduced NTS Message format inside the text-box, and subject line ID.  It has moved fast with the training.

            It’s like an Outlook mailer, in an emergency the lack of familiarity would be a difficulty.  Grab & Go kits are equipped with the equipment. This would be one thing used during that emergency.

            Perhaps Don and others can provide a training introduction at the November or December meeting for our club

MSC Jay/Stuart that Don give a presentation/training session at one of our meetings, perhaps December 2014.   Winlink.Org is the link, and everyone interested should download the program.


Adjournment – MC on Brett’s motion, Eric adjourned the meeting at 3:45 pm.