September 2018


Special Director’s Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Directors present:  Deme (VE7CRT), Stuart (VA7QB), Ralph (VE7OM), Bill (VE7WNO), Jim (VE7UVL), and Eric (VA7NX).


Eric convened the Director’s meeting at 2:56 pm local time, as there is a quorum of directors.


Meeting is for the purpose of accepting Jim Swetlikoe (VE7ABH) into membership of the WRARC.  Jim has had his callsign since 1961 and brings a lifetime of experience to the club.  Jim still has the original certificate of his original call. Directors had been canvassed by e-mail by Eric prior to this meeting, satisfying our suggested waiting period we’ve adopted.


M/S/C - that Jim Swetlikoe (VE7ABH) be accepted into membership of the WRARC.  Unanimous.


The Director’s meeting adjourned at 2:58 pm.





Regular monthly Members Meeting

White Rock Amateur Radio Club Society
At the Centennial Arena Board Room
14600 North Bluff Road, White Rock, BC

Present:  Jim (VE7BCJ), Jim (VE7ABH), Deme (VE7CRT), Ralph (VE7OM), Bill (VE7WNO), Jim (VE7UVL), Jay (VE7KC),      Kosta (VA7FFT), Eric (VA7NX), and Stuart (VA7QB).     


There is a quorum as per club by-laws, with a majority of directors present, as well as ¼ of the membership, and at least one regular member.  


President Eric opened the members meeting at 3:04 pm local time.


Minutes: M/S/C Stuart (VA7QB) / Ralph (VE7OM) that the minutes of the 10 June 2018 meeting be approved as per the copy on the webpage,


Financial report – Dues paid after September 1 are credited for membership for the rest of the 2018 year, as well as 2019.  Ralph reported that the balance is the same as in June $1850.03.  MSC Ralph (VE7OM) / Jay(VE7KC) – that the financial report be received as reported for information.


Passing of VE7GM – regretfully, Brett Garrett passed away suddenly during the summer.  Stuart collected signatures on a sympathy card for his family, but as of yet cannot find an address for a close relative.  There has been a minute’s silence for him as a silent key on BCPSN.  Club members concluded the silence by making mention of his contributions to the club, his seriousness, knowledge, helpfulness and dedication.  He inspired us, and he regularly hounded Stuart about any flaws in our club minutes!


Burnaby Radio store on Hastings - make sure you phone ahead, know that the hours that are kept are not always under the control of the owners, or as advertised.  They often are called from the building.


Field Day, June 23 Review – Was on the beach, the location was good, the SteppIR vertical was good because it’s near water.  Little CW work, two radios 40 meters and 20 meters.  The bands were bad, 20 QSOs total.  The parking was not roped off, so we need to be clearer next year that we need the space roped off.  So that we can be together it would be nice to have a parking area saved.  We weren’t ticketed.

We are not a “contesty” club, so those who like a serious “contest challenge” might hook up with a larger club for a future Field Day.  Surrey Club has an Icom IC-7610, and have a Flex 6600 with a Maestro ethernet connection.  For those who wish they have access to state-of-the-art equipment.


Tour de White Rock - In July, setup went well, we were on the air for 4 or 5 hours, including a new junior race at the end.  There was a long lunch and they appreciated having us involved in their organization.  The problem is that we are not automatically contacted, so we need to be proactive about contacting them in good time for next July.  Various members have photos that can go on our web-site.  We got a big plug for the club on their P.A. system to the general race-audience.


November 11, 2018 AGM - Eric has requested that he does not want to stand as president after the AGM.  We now have notice that he does not wish to continue in that capacity, although would allow his name to stand as a director. 


PEP Checkins on Third Wednesday of the month – Sept 19 is Ralph (VE7OM), Oct 17 is Stuart (VA7QB), November 21 is Jay (VE7KC), Kosta (VA7FFT), Dec 19, and Jim (VE7BCJ) is Jan 16.


Christmas Dinner – Jim (UVL) asked us to think about a venue for our Christmas Dinner.  He’s thinking of Jan’s, but has made other suggestions like Chinese or Japanese food.  Might try Cosmos.  Jim will continue to look into this for the club and give a report later in the Fall.


Nov 17 ARRL Sweepstakes/RAC Winter Contest - other possibilities for Events (Contests) - RAC Winter Contest, usually at the end of December starting on a Friday at 0000 UTC.  A list of contests is near the back page of QST Magazine.  ARRL November Sweepstakes 17-19, 2100 UTC (1 pm) on Saturday.  We could meet on the Saturday the 17th here at the Lounge.  160 Meter Contest is in late November.

In the Spring or in August, we can activate a Lighthouse or something.  Check out the Route 66 Nets in the USA.


Weekly 80 Meter Club net – the 3.737 frequency is spotty at this point in the sunspot cycle, with 2 years of bad condx ahead of us.  The 80 M band is very bad.  There have been some inquiries on the BCPSN as to the status of the net. 

The consensus was to continue with the White Rock net on 80 M through the summer.


Accessing Centennial Arena Boardroom after hours - Eric asked the Fire Chief, who said he’d contact the Centennial Arena staff to secure access.  It is still a proposal in process, but Eric wants to work first through the Fire Chief.


Presentation Possibilities - Fred VE7IO is an experienced contest operator, he might give us a full description of what it entails.  Members might wish to think of technical building projects of interest to club members, or what SOTA entails or a training session on logging software.  Maybe a review of where M1MM is these days.  We will raise this again next month.


SOTA Report - Eric went to Brandywine Mountain (Whistler) last Tuesday (Sept 4), with a younger guy (twice as fit as Eric, he’s an outdoor guide!)  It was 1,000 metre altitude gain, it was stunning vistas in the valley below.  Steep climb and loose rock at end of the hike.  Got to the ridge, and the rest was a gentle hike.  Summited in 4 hours.  Ralph loaned a 30 w amp for VHF use.  Eric took advantage of location software to produce a coverage map based on wattage and antenna type.  Eric was out by Whistler, and could get into most of the Vancouver area, but also got Saltspring Island.  (Cellphone coverage was up there.)  Used a KX2 for 20 and 40 Metre contacts.


Stuart (VA7QB) moved we adjourn the regular members’ meeting, adjournment at 4:03 pm (local).