Activating Grant Hill

Event Date: 
Saturday March 25, 2017
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Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 12:32

I was finally able to get out and activate Grant Hill for SOTA. I had been hoping to do the first activation of the small hill for months but between some health issues and poor weather, it just didn't come about until late March. The hike was easier than I was expecting as one was able to drive right to the Telus towers near the top. THe summit was only 325m to the east. Once parked we walked to the north side of the tower fences and found a trail heading east we followed it for a ways until it starting dropping there we turned off the trail and made for the summit directly. We intersected another trail which we the followed but is circled around the summit so once again we were cutting across the forest directly towards the summit. Soon we were at the marked summit, a broad mossy area with many trees all around. I set up my 2m yagi and started making calls. I got two close by in Abbotsford but then nothing. I switched hand helds as I felt the first was not putting out any power. The second did much better but it still took me another half hour to get the third contact. The fourth came quickly. So the 4 contacts were in the log and having been on the summit for almost an hour, we packed up and made for the towers and the car. The return went much faster as we walked directly towards our goal.

Once back to the tower, a quick walk back down the road  took us to the car and a safe spot from all the cyclists that were using the road. We were both surprised at the numbers of cyclists out here.Almost all of them were pushing their bikes up the steep road! I guess they were looking forward to the ride back down through the trails.

A few more photos can be seen at: