Latest News

Charlie Scott (VE7CMH) SK

Charlie passed away during the evening of Feb 5. He was 99 years 4 months, just a bit short of his goal of 100!
He had many interesting stories to share at our coffee meetings and has been missed these past months.

At one time & probably still to this day Charlie was the oldest & newest ham at 89 yrs of age. 

New member Jim McNee

Jim, VE7GD, joined us as a member in November 2019. He has been a licensed ham for many years and though less active than in the past he brings some great experience and conversation to the group.

New Member - Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones  (VE7YJ) has become the latest member of the White Rock club. a long time amateur. Hugh has recently taken a more active role in the hobby and set out to join a local club. We welcome to our club.

New Executive

With the conclusion of this years AGM, Jim WIlkins has taken on the role of President and Bill Northcott Vice-President. Stuart has stepped down as a director. New to the director team is Konstatin.

Brett Garrett, Silent Key

Brett Garrett (VE7GM) has become a silent key. He was an active member of the club for the last 10 years. Recently he moved to Green Lake and was less involved in regular club activities but he was insistent on remaining a member and remotely participating in the weekly net. A very good memorial story can be found on the Surrey Club's website at: