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Distracted Driving Update

The new increased fines for using cell phones while driving has caused some serious problems for amateurs. Read the pdf from Bill Gipps to learn what the current state of the exemption is and what you can do to minimize problems.

New Repeater on the Air

The new Yaesu Fusion DR-1X repeater has taken over the duties of our make-shift repeater setup. The new repeater is a self contained unit and will prepare us for installation in a remote location. At present we are using the internal controller but may consider using the controller we were using with the Tait radios. As no club members have any Yaesu digital equipment we have opted to run the repeater in standard FM only mode.


New Repeater has Arrived

The club's new 2m repeater has arrived. The repeater is a Yaesu Fusion DR-1X. The repeater will be replacing the make-shift unit currently in place. This unit will prepare us for a relocation of the system to a better site in White Rock. It is expected to be in operation in a couple of weeks. At this time it is expected to operate in Analog mode only.