Activating Mt. Seymour for SOTA

Event Date: 
Saturday September 16, 2017
Last modified: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 20:23

It had been years since I last hiked Seymour, now I know why. It was much harder than I recollected! My wife Carolyn and I hiked tothe summit today and I activated it in the mid-afternoon. I had trouble with my icom handheld when I first got there, it didn't want to transmit. I tried a second battery but still no luck. So I reluctantly replaced it with my Baofeng, knowing it would have trouble hearing. I managed to work Ralph from the club and one other station but couldnt hear any others. So I had activated the summit but no points yet. I tried the Icom again and this time it worked well. I quickly had 76 more contacts in the log. Never did find out why it acted up the first time but I am glad it started working correctly.


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