Activating St Marks Summit

Event Date: 
Saturday July 14, 2018
Last modified: 
Saturday, July 28, 2018 - 16:46

It was a long hot hike from the Cypress Bowl parking lot to St. Marks Summit. Ralph, John Bell and Eric made the trek to activate the summit in the SOTA program. The hike is very popular with likely a few hundred on the route the day we completed it. The initial section of trail is very very maintained with a groomed gravel path, but a bit after the half way mark the grooming ends and one is faced with a tree root covered trail. Once on the summit we stopped to take in the views and then eat lunch. Once rested we strung up our antennas, Ralph used a wire dipole on 20m for his KX1 and made 4 CW contacts struggling to be heard between powerful contesters. John setup for phone on 40m and made two summit-to-summit contacts. I got my 2m yagi going and got my local contacts in the log. So we all got points for the effort.

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