ARRL Sweepstakes

Event Date: 
Saturday November 21, 2015
Last modified: 
Sunday, November 22, 2015 - 14:01

Club Members gathered in the Lounge at the Arena to participate in the ARRL Sweeptakes contest. Nine came out to the activity with most taking a short stint at the radio to grab a few contacts. We were operating from 1pm through 4pm and made 16 contacts. Perhaps not a high number but we were all having a good time and exercising the HF antenna while at it. The bands were crowded and we generally had some trouble breaking through the pile-ups. The 20m band was fluctuating significantly throughout the afternoon which made contacts more difficult. Around 3pm Eric switched to 15m and found that band more stable and less crowded, he got a number of contacts in and then turned the radio back to Bill.

Thanks to Bill for organizing the event and loaning his IC-7000 for the day. He also did a great job in preparing the log for this activity as the exchange is quite long and cumbersome.

Here are a few photos click them for larger views.