Burnaby Ham Swap Meet - February 12th

Event Date: 
Sunday February 12, 2006
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Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:52

Four of us car pooled for the drive to the swap meet this year. Ross was kind enough to pick up Ralph, Eric and Will VA7MDI for some company on the long drive into Burnaby.Our morning started nice and early with the conventional pre-caffeine temperaments which necessitated an early visit to the local caffeine dispensary. Once the fix had settled in, conversation rapidly shifted to topics touching upon antennas and other ham equipment.

The swap meet seemed to be well attended, each of us was able to locate something of interest. Ralph spent much of the time chatting with the myriad number of friends he has made over the years. Ross meanwhile was tied up manning the RAC booth where he was busy enticing the unwary to take out memberships in RAC. He didn't ignore those of us who were members already, we ended up being busy trying to limit our purchases to a single RAC pin or mug. Jesting aside, the RAC really does need our strong support as they are our main voice for keeping Industry Canada at bay and our bands available. It really is a shame that the number of members is so tiny.

Will was busy finding good bargains amongst the less desirable items. He did find a nice external speaker for his rig. Eric, it being his first swap meet, was quite excited just seeing the variety of the items for purchase, he ended the day with a purchase of a small mag mount whip for his handheld.

Once done with the festivities at the meet the four of us left for home taking a detour to the White Spot restaurant for a longer then quick break for a nourishment replacement. We all felt it was a fun time and were glad we went.