Eric Activates Sumas Peak for SOTA

Event Date: 
Thursday May 3, 2018
Last modified: 
Monday, May 21, 2018 - 11:35

I was off to a late start for SOTA activations this year. I did get a couple easy summits while in the Victoria area but today was the first trip in the valley. It felt good getting out on the trail and hiking to the lookout on Sumas. At the summit I set up my 4 element Arrow yagi and connected my new Kenwood TH-K20 2m Hand Held. After all the issues I had been having with Baofeng and Icom HT's it was a relief to put out a call and very soon hear a clear reply.  I had 5 2m contacts in the log fairly quickly including two from the club. I then took time to finish lunch and then I set up my KX2 on 20m. I was able to hear a few stations faintly but they were not strong enough to make a contact. After checking the band and 40m I packed up and set off for the truck. While on the summit a pair of ladies were interested in my activity, one was quite interested in get her license.


A more detailed report is available here: