Field Day 2016

Event Date: 
Saturday June 25, 2016
Last modified: 
Friday, July 1, 2016 - 09:04

Club members gathered at the west end of the White Rock beach for this year’s event. We were able to set up a level operating area on the edge of the old boat ramp and there we placed a pair of day tents and our operating table. We ran two HF rigs plus 2m and 220Mhz VHF radios. We even managed a contact on the 220 bands. For Hf antennas we deployed a High-Q portable unit that Kosta owned and wanted to try out. Our other vertical was an Alpha Antenna that Bill brought for the event.

We were set up and ready to go well before the start time of 11am and once the bell rang we were off to some fast contacts down the coast. The verticals did very well into California. We also made a decent number of contacts inland for the three hours we were operating. It was a successful event and we had a good number of club members come by to visit and help with the equipment. The location worked well with the vertical antennas. We had fewer pubic enquiries than we had hoped, but still a number came by to ask a few questions.