Field Day - June 24, 2006

Event Date: 
Saturday June 24, 2006
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Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:51

Once again, our club joined with the Surrey Amateur club to run a joint field day exercise. This year we enjoyed the addition of the Langley club and together we had a good time making contacts and sharing in the fun of a common interest. As in prior years, our field day site was set-up in the southern end of the Campbell RIver Regional Park. The open field gives us much leeway in configuring our antennas and equipment for optimal propagation and with a safe distance from others.

The first White Rock member to arrive was Lloyd, followed by Eric and then Ross. Our beloved leader was too busy enjoying the hardships of Hawaii to join us. Apparently he was on a business trip! Rumour has it that he worked a few stations with the QRP rig that he brought with him. We are still wondering where the rest of the club was hiding, hopefully they can come out next year.

As in prior years, Lloyd was the all-star CW contester of the group and spent many hours racking in the contacts. Ross and Eric did a joint session on 20 meters and also worked with other members to help bring in the contacts and log the results.

We had a number of visitors from the public. One couple brought a collection of Short wave listener QSL cards they had inherited and wanted help understanding what they had - it was a fascinating collection dating from the 1930's. Marvin Hunt one of our city Counselors also dropped by for a while to encourage us and see what is happening with the local clubs.

It was a fun event and those of us who came out had a good time. Hopefully next year we can get a few more of our club members to come out and share the fun. If we have our new club facility established by next summer perhaps we can even run our own mini-field day exercise in White Rock.