Mission Carriage Club 2007 Marathon

Event Date: 
Wednesday October 3, 2007
Last modified: 
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 23:12

Ham operators were invited to supply support to the Mission Carriage Club's 20th Annual Combined Driving Event Marathon, Sunday Sept 30 near Deroche.

A dozen hams from all parts of the Fraser Valley helped out - Karla, VA7KJW; Harold, VE7BXT; Stuart, VA7CRH, Hugh, VA7AHM; Marilyn, VE7OSS; Mario, VA7WOP; Pat, VE7PJS; Roy, VE7IBJ; Vic, VE7HUE; and 3 more members of the Mission Club. Roy acted as the command and control from the Mission Search & Rescue Incident Command truck, and the rest of us were assigned stations along the marathon route. Stuart from the White Rock club claimed he was allergic to rain and so was assigned to first aid - one of the few indoor locations. He was fortunate in that the were no incidents requiring any aid and so he was able to stay dry for the event.

Though it was a rainy day for the marathon, the horse drawn carriages were committed and they all completed the route. Some special breeds - Friesens, miniatures, and even Sarah (the donkey!) competed. The hams passed on the information to command and control about which carriage had passed each check point. The inclement conditions made it all the more important to keep tabs on the carriages, occupants and horses. All in all a great event supported by Fraser Valley hams.