New Repeater Duplexer

The new duplexer has arrived. Ralph picked it up from the airport this afternoon. He then had Dave check it over. He said we got a good quality product that was well tuned for our needs. Ralph then brought it to Eric's garage where we put it into service. We did some immediate testing but didn't have any conclusive results. We also switched the repeater to using my X300 Diamond antenna, we will return to the normal antenna after a few days of testing. Later in the evening I drove out to the Pennisula Village with my HT. My son Geoff joined me and we were able to work each other through the repeater at the lowest power setting which puts out around 50mw! I was never able to work the repeater at that power level before from there so this was very exciting.

Here is a photo of the new duplexer, click for a bigger photo: