Practice Field Day

Event Date: 
Saturday May 6, 2017
Last modified: 
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 17:32

Club members got together for a practice field day on Saturday May 6th. This event was chosen to coincide with the 7QP contest in the Pacific North-West in the hopes that we would have lots of contacts. Members arrived at the parking lot in Centennial; Park shortly before 9am and began dragging their equipment to the treed area south of the last buildings. It is a lovely spot but one gets quite cold in the prolonged shade of the trees. For today's adventure we once again enjoyed the benefit of Konsta's (VA7FFT) K3S and 500 watt amp. He has it nicely packaged for 'easy' portability. We also used his hi-Q antenna. To power the system Jay (VE7KC) brought out his 2KW generator and long power cord! The hardware worked well. Unfortunately the bands were quite quiet! we made a few contacts on phone and CW but there really wasn't much to hear from the calling region. Despite the low number of contacts we all enjoyed the time under the trees and the fellowship later at lunch.