Ralph & Eric Active Vedder Peak

Event Date: 
Saturday October 28, 2017
Last modified: 
Monday, November 13, 2017 - 19:38

It was a perfect fall day for hiking and activating a summit in the SOTA program. Ralph and Eric decided to hike Vedder as it was a fairly easy hike through the forest on a well marked and maintained trail. The return hike was 10.5Km but it was fairly easy going. There is a small scramble near he summit but the trail has a rope in place for balance and the section is only around 10 feet in length. Once on the Summit Eric set up his 2m yagi and began making contacts. Ralph tossed a rope into one of the trees ad pulled up his wire verticle and soon was making CW contacts on 20m. Contacts slowed down after an hour with 10 2m contacts being logged by Eric and 13 20m by Ralph. So the summit was successfully activated this year and points were gained by all. On the return hike we made better time as there was more downhill - 2hr up, 1.5 down not a bad time though there were a few others on the trail that were faster.

More images and a info found here: https://www.scenicart.ca/content/hiking-vedder-peak