Rotary Bike-a-Thon 2007

Event Date: 
Wednesday July 11, 2007
Last modified: 
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 23:16

The annual Rotary bike-a-thon took place on Sunday, August 8th. This event is a fun raiser for hearing research and provides some financial assistance to those in need of medical help for their hearing. This year there were 112 riders and they raised over $120,000.

The course starts at 6AM at Brentwood Mall on the west side of Burnaby and follows Loughheed highway (#7) up to the Harrison road where it continues to the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, 125km in length! Positioned along the course were the 12 radio amateurs who provide all the communication for the event. Ralph & I participated from the club and we worked together at the western foot of Woodward Mountain. Our role was to call for assistance should any of the cyclists need help getting up the mountain.

Ralph and I were on site at 8AM and promptly setup a 20 foot pole with Ralph’s 2m beam. Compared to the quarter wave vertical on my car it was vastly better in reception as our repeater is actually on the north shore. This year we tied the pole to the nearby fence post and found it was a good solid spot. It wasn’t long before the first keeners were on their way cycling past us. The weather was ideal for cycling – cool but not dull. This did however, bring out a few more mosquito’s then I would have preferred.

I brought my camera along and got a few scenic shots but also took a photo of each rider as they came past. It was a fun event to help with and ended by 2PM after which we had time to have a walk around Harrison before a nice meal at the resort.