Rotary Club Bike-A-Thon

Event Date: 
Sunday July 12, 2015
Last modified: 
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 09:21

Ralph and Eric supported the annual Vancouver Rotary Club Bike-a-thon again this year. Our task involves providing radio support over the length of the course which runs 120km from Burnaby to Harrison Hot Springs. The event raises funds for local hearing-impaired projects including implants and Stem-Cell research. This year a record 163 riders participated and raised over $150,000.

Ralph and Eric provided road-side assistance along Lougheed Highway on opposite sides of Mt. Woodside. The day was a perfect one for cycling with mostly dry conditions and cloudy skies. It was warm but not hot. This year we were fortunate to not have any injuries and only a few bike problems all of which could be fixed on route.