Software Defined Radio Lecture

Event Date: 
Sunday March 12, 2017
Last modified: 
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 17:26

The club had the privilege of hearing a presentation by Stan Williams (VA7NF) on the topic of Software Defined Radio (SDR). Stan had a power point presentation followed by a live demo of his Flex 6700 SDR. He began with an overview of the evolution of radio receivers starting with the original coherer units up to the three generation of SDR. It was interesting to learn how the technology has changed over the 100+ years. The latest crop of commercial radios are all coming out in one of the flavours of SDR. The Flexx 6700 is using the most advanced method which requires internal computing power that is truly amazing - many hundreds of times faster that the early Cray Super Computers!

The demo showed the amazing flexibility of the radio and the precision by which one can set up filters and manage one's spectrum. We were all very impressed with the radio. 

Thanks again to Stan for coming and sharing his experience with us.