Tour de White Rock 2017

Event Date: 
Sunday July 16, 2017
Last modified: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 21:16

Once again this year members of the White Rock Club provided technical assistance to the Tour de White Rock. As in previous years, it was our responsibility to site and manage a commercial repeater provided by a third party for the event.Prior to our involvement the communications between the various stations was hit and miss with some support staff having very poor communication. Our team augments the basic hardware provided by the third party repeater supplier with a high gain co-linear antenna and positions the assembly at the far end of the pier. This provides excellent coverage for the event and all locations are able to communicate well. It may seem like a simple task to our members but the improvement is very much appreciated by the event organizers. The provided gourmet breakfast that our members can enjoy during the race is well worth the effort in its own right.