Grow-ops & RF Interference Petition

I have been working on a petition for some months now. The Awareness net on Mondays was the place where it started. Most hams on the bands are frustrated by the enforcement of regulations by Industry Canada, and Health Canada for  pot grows.


This last October, the Federal court passed an injunction to protect marijuana medicinal growers from any prosecution or enforcement by the authorities, police, and land use authorities, etc. This injunction did not advise the growers of safe operation, installations or any health awareness in neighbourhoods. Consequently we are left out and we must not interfere with their operations, we are supposed to suck it up. This petition is a request that EFSI, Health, EMI suppression, enforcing the criminal element and radiation limits in neighbourhoods be written into the marijuana law in the spring of 2017. The website will give a prospective as to what is required so we can send it in a correct and acceptable manner to the Clerk of petitions so it may be accepted for reading in the house of commons.


73 Bob VE7SQ