Hyack Santa Clause Parade - December 3, 2005

Event Date: 
Saturday December 3, 2005
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Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:54

Three of us from the club went together to provide communications support for the parade. Ralph - VE7OM , Ross - VA7NRW and Eric - VE7EGK. As expected, Ralph encouraged the rookie - Eric to do the driving and pick him and Ross up for the adventure. It was a problem free drive to New Westminster during which we had the opportunity to discuss a few radio topics and plot some future activities for the club.

Once we arrived at the Parade assembly area Ralph immediately got to work locating the officials we were to provide support to. Eric, it being his first event was of course completely overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of the event and the Amateur role supporting it. Three minutes before the start of the parade one could see Eric running after his assigned official as she searched out the official parade banner! Once found, he had his first chance to enter into the radio chatter with a critical announcement and tell the others that the parade need be delayed only a bit longer as the banner was found and being run to the front of the parade.

Ralph and Eric then took up their assigned position at the start of the parade. But soon a new problem occurred - the parade was now late and the second person who was to hold the banner was not to be found. Ralph quickly speaks up and volunteers the rookie again to help out! So, Eric ends up carrying the opening parade banner for the first half of the parade! He said it was fun waving at the people as he walked past especially the little kids as one made eye contact with them! Ross meanwhile was busy providing support at the back end of the parade.

The 20+ amateurs who took the time to come out and help, provided a useful service to the community and had a fun time doing it. Afterwards 12 of us went to dinner at the New Westminister Pantry and chatted over a number of current radio related issues. Eric said he had a good time chatting with Onno - VE7ONN, President of the BCFMCA and other local amateurs from groups throughout the GVRD.

It was a good event to do as a club and hopefully our next activity will bring out a few more members.