California QSO Party

Members of the club gathered at the arena on Saturday Oct 1 to operate in the California QSO Party Contest. Members arrived at the arena a bit before 10 am and the first task was to reconnect the long wire HF antenna that is located outside the arena. It had been disconnected due to roof work. Once the antenna had a temporary coax into the lounge, members set up their radios.

For this exercise three operators each set up their own radios to operate. First up was Hugh trying some CW contacts with his KX2.Though he was hearing the stations his 10 watts was not quite enough to break through the pile-ups. Next went Jim with his old Kenwood radio. After some control adjustments he was able to hear the remote stations and log a number of contacts. Last up was Bill with his Icom IC-7000. He was also able to work a number of stations for the event. Ralph and Eric provided some assistance to the operators in setting up their equipment and in handling the contacts. Overall, it was a good event and allowed several to exercise their equipment.

Done with the QSO side of the activity, members stowed their gear and the temporary coax was taken down. Some members then went out and enjoyed a lunch social before heading home.