Latest News

Repeater upgraded

We now have our repeater's controller card properly mounted in a rack unit and mounted in the vertical rack along with the power supply. The next step is to attach the actual radios to a bracket and to get the cavity filter tuned up.

Repeater Testing

Tuesday eveining, September 30, Dave Powell-Williams (VE7MQ) came over to do some testing on the repeater. He spent around an hour running the system through its paces. He found the receiver to be quite sensitive better than .2 micro volts, he found the receive side of the cavity to have good performance. He determined that the antenna was doing a fair job though the coax was somewhat lossy. He then checked over the transmit side of the cavity filter and determined that it was not in tune. We are getting about 53dB of seperation rather than the 80+ that the unit can deliver.

Repeater Site Testing

This morining Eric, Ralph and Jim met with the White Rock City Fire Chief and Deputy Chief at the construction site of the new Bosa Towers. Our goal was to test the communications link between the future reception centre on the ground floor with a proposed location for the repeater on the roof. Jim & Eric went to the top with their hend helds while Ralph went inside the building's ground floor. We were able to confirm solid communication with low power through the many concrete floors. We also reviewed possible locations for equipment placement.

Upgraded Repeater

We now have the new Link Club repeater card operating our repeater with the two Tait radios. The repeater took a bit longer to get into operation as we needed to re-wire the two radios to work correctly with the controller card. Once the wiring was correct the configuration came together very quickly. Eric is still adding more programming to the card but it is fully operational now and does have better coverage than the old unit.

Meeting with Fire Chief

Ralph and Eric met with Phil at the Centennial arena this morning. We reviewed the installation of the new VHF/UHF antenna on the roof of the arena and the operating position for our ESS communications. Phil told us that they will be bringing in a desk with a lockable cabinet for storing the radio. We now need to arrange for a time to perform some path tests to ensure the antenna meets our needs.