Latest News

Further Meeting with Fire Chief

Ralph & Eric met again with Phil Lemire, this time we reviewed the equipment proposal that we had drafted for outfitting the Arena, EOC, repeater and future grab and go kit. Phil seemed quite interested in helping get the items needed for the arena and EOC as quickly as possible. He indicated that getting the items to upgrade the repeater were also possible in a fairly short time-frame. So the meeting was very encouraging. He will be giving the list to his own radio people to help price out the items and get them purchased and installed into the reception centre.

Meeting with City

Ralph & Eric met with Rita Clarkson the city's ESS Coordinator and also the director for leisure services. We reviewed the Tour de White Rock 3 day bike event and how we could provide more help next year. Rita was quite pleased with the help we did bring earlier this year and is looking forward to our help next year. We discussed some support roles for club members including providing some training on radio use to her volunteers and providing the technical expertise to her with the commercial equipment they use.

Meeting with Fire Chief

Ralph and Eric met with Phil Friday afternoon to review the current state of where the club fits into the city's plans. Ralph reported on how our path tests performed between the Centennial Area and the fire hall. Phil expressed a desire to have the area site properly outfitted with a setup before the end of September. Ralph explained that we have access to a retired commercial radio from PEP but it would need antenna and power.

Communication Path Test Performed

At the request of the City of White Rock E.C. (Phil) we were asked to test the communication between the city's emergency reception centre at Centennial Arena and the EOC in the Fire hall. Ralph and Eric got together on Thursday July 19th to see what would be needed. Ralph went to the Fire hall and Eric to the arena. We started on the club repeater and then moved to simplex on VHF. We confirmed that we were able to communicate with handhelds using both VHF and UHF at ground level.

Tour de White Rock

Our club has been asked to help with the annual Tour for the first time this year. Though last minute we have been able to mobilize a few workers to help on the Friday and observe on the next two days. It will be fun helping the local bicycle event and I hope we can help make the event more successful. Details of the week-end to follow.